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Conference contributions

26 NOV 2009 SCL Hong Kong: Developments in International Arbitration
23-29 MAR 2009 The Viz Moot in Hong Kong: Arbitrator/Judge
20 MAR 2009 RICS Arbrix Group Annual Construction Conference: Dispute Resolution - Disposing of Conflict in Construction
10 FEB 2009 SCA at the Athenaeum
23 JAN 2009 The Worshipful Company of Arbitrators, Guildhall, London: Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry
8 JAN 2009 The Union of Turkish Bars, the The Turkish Chamber of Commerce and the Turkish Stock Exchange International Conference Ankara: Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry
27 NOV 2008 Society of Construction Law, Hong Kong: The Alternative to Liquidated Damages
13 NOV 2008 Adjudication Conference, Chair Morning Sessions
24 0CT 2008 Pierre Genton 25th Anniversary Conference, Lausanne: Arbitration in Major Construction Contracts - the Tension between Management Techniques and Legal Skills
21 OCT 2008 International Dispute Resolution Conference, Kuala Lumpur: Adjudication and Arbitration - the When and Why in Construction Disputes - Interactive Panel Discussion
1 JUL 2008 Joint Meeting, SCL, UK/SCA: Is it all necessary? Who Benefits? Provision for Multi-tier Dispute Resolution in International Construction Contracts
6 NOV 2007 The Society of Construction Law, UK: the Costs framework in England for International Arbitration
5-7 OCT 2007 Society of Construction Law, United Kingdom: International Conference on Construction Law, London - Rappoteur, Day 2
3 OCT 2007 ABA international 2007 Fall Meeting, London: Where to Arbitrate - Is London best?
3 OCT 2007 ABA international 2007 Fall Meeting, London: Which form of dispute resolution is best - Balloon Debate - protagonist for the winning format
3 MAY 2007    Society of Construction Arbitrators, Budapest: Costs under English Law
27 NOV 2006 Intern'l Chamber of Commerce, Paris: The Giving of Expert Evidence in Civil and Common Law Systems
7 NOV 2006 Society of Construction Law, Nottingham: Revised paper on Adjudication and pre-action Protocols
27 JUNE 2006 British Chamber of Commerce, Brussels: 'Mediation and Arbitration'
20 MAY 2006 SCA Conference, Venice: 'Continental Drift'
6 APR 2006 Law Society, Singapore: 'The Quantum of Damages'
3 APR 2006 Law Society, Singapore: 'Adjudication - the English Model'
31 MAR 2006 Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration: 'The Enforcement of Awards under the New York Convention'
22 MAR 2006 SCL, Birmingham: 'Adjudication and Pre-Action Protocols'
1 FEB 2006    SCA: 2 papers - 'Arbitrators and Advocacy' and AThe Quantum of Damages'
1 NOV 2005 SCL, North West Branch: 'What Price Pre action Protocols Outside Litigation'
27 JUNE 2005  Franco British Lawyers Society: 'The Current State of Arbitration'
16 OCT 2004 Vilnius: 'How to manage an Investment Treaty Arbitration'
5 JUL 2005 Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
1 JUL 2004  SCA/SCL: 'What's Wrong With Arbitration'
17 MAR 2004 SCA AGM: 'The Good Old Days'                 
2004 The UNCC, mass claims, and Dispute Resolution Generally
2004 The CIA, West Midlands Branch: 'The Future of Arbitration'
20 NOV 2003    The Adjudication Society 2nd Annual National Conf.: 'Evidence in Adjudication'
13 NOV 2003   Paris, Tripartite Conference on Arbitration
1 APR 2003 Oxford
7 NOV 2002 Birmingham Chamber of Commerce: 'Costs Awards in Arbitration'.
29 OCT 2002 Arbitration Centre, Kuala Lumpur: 'Appropriate Governing Principles'
7 MAR 2002   Worshipful Co. of Arbitrators: 'Flexing the Knotted Oak'
1 FEB 2002 A comparison of State/judicial attitudes to the enforcement of arbitration awards: Regional experiences of judicial intervention.  The view from UK/Europe. - CIA and East Asia Branch, Hong Kong 
15 NOV 2001  SCL Meeting - Hong Kong: 'Termination for Convenience'
2 OCT 2001 SCL Conference: 'Important Keys to Successful Dispute Resolution'
12 MAY 2001  SCA Annual Conference in Hythe: 'Issues in Arbitration'.
5 JUNE 2000

King's College Construction Law Association Construction Law 2000 conference:  'Assignability of Arbitration Clauses.'

11 APR 2000    'The Work of the UNCC  - Establishing The Rules in a Supra-national System' - International Arbitration Club, London.
28 SEPT 1999 Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Millennium conference:  
'Jura Novit Curia - But not in International Arbitration'.
9 DEC 1998    Society of Construction Law: 'Termination for Convenience.'
1996 Meetings of the Association des Juristes Franco-Britanniques
6 MAY 1994 Skeleton notes on 'Aspects of English Arbitration', European Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrations, Huis Ter Duin, the Netherlands.
18 APR 1994   'Too Many Law Graduates' - Relaunch Debate for the International Journal of Legal Education
3 MAR 1992   Alternatives to Litigation: The View from a Judge and Arbitrator - Café Royal, London W1
31 MAY 1991   Private Dispute Resolution in the Nineties - The Bill Tompkins Memorial Lecture 1991 - at L'Horizon Hotel, Jersey, C.I.
13 MAY 1991    The Face of Arbitration in Dispute Resolution Mechanism - Zimbabwe
1991 Documentation & Reports - Gower Conferences "Liability for Negligent Design and other risks"
OCT 1990  Co-Chairman of  "International Commercial Arbitration for Today and Tomorrow" Conference
22 JUN 1990 'The JCT Arbitration Rules 1988 - The Lawyer's View or Bring on the Straitjacket' - IBC Conference, London
JAN 1990 International Conference on Arbitration -New Delhi India
MARCH 1989  I.I.R. Conferences "Avoiding Disputes in Construction Contracts" in Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand
28 JUNE 1988 Trends in Construction Litigation.  Master Builders' Association Conference, Brisbane, Queensland
AUGUST 1987 Journées Jean Robert, Quebec Arbitration Centre
APRIL 1987 Seminar on The Consumer Protection Bill
NOV 1979 Advanced Course in Arbitration Practice
MARCH 1977  Recommendations for review of the Conditions of Contract (International) for works of Civil Engineering Construction